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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Update! Tria laser hair removal. One year later...

Hey guys! Last time I talked about the Tria laser I said I would update in three months. It's been a year. I'm sorry!!! I have been crazy busy with pharm school and one month led to two months and before I knew it, its 2014 and I'm starting rotations plus I'm working as a pharmacy intern! But I have good news! I have an update that you may want to consider! 

I have used the tria laser on and off throughout the last year. I admit it was hard to commit. On smaller areas of my body it was easy. But on larger areas not so much. You see you have to cover your skin by overlaping and on areas like my legs, it would take hours to finish. This was especially true when you consider having more hair per inch square of your skin.

I started the Tria a little more than a year ago. I used it weekly on my arms, underarms, upper lip and bikini. I wanted to do my legs more religously, but it was hard to do both my legs every single week. It took hours. The surface area of the laser is small, so it takes a while to cover the entire area. Good news is that it worked on the areas I committed to do. Not so great news was that if you didn't, you wouldn't get such great results. But that's true of everything. 

After three months, there was a noticeable reduction in the frequency of my shaving. The hair took longer to grow, and it was thinner. My bikini area was the place where the change was most noticeable. And that's the place where it counts the most. At least to me. LOL

A year later...

The areas I used it on barely has any regrowth at all. I shave maybe twice a month. TWICE a month!!! Can you say freeeedom?! I shave less frequently than I did, but I'm not completely free. I still use it, but only once a month at most, just to keep the results. You know, maintenance and stuff. As for my legs, I decided to start professional laser hair removal after three months of starting the Tria Laser. You see, as good as the Tria is, it takes a while to finish an area if you happen to be on the more hairy side of the spectrum. Which I am. If they can come up with a laser for wider areas of the body I'd be all over that. But even for maintenance, it was an inconvenience since, as I said before, the laser is small. Another disclaimer I have to say is that I had to use the highest setting to see results. The pain lasted for like 3 seconds at most. After a year of the treatments the results are consistent. So yes, the results do last, albeit maintenance treatments help with that. 

So how does the skin look like?
Smoother. Some hairs dont grow back at all, so the pores where the hairs used to be get so small that it is virtually gone to the naked eye. 

Any hyperpigmentation?
No. But I made sure not to expose my skin to the sun, and used sunscreen. So for a while I was Casper, but we all know too much sun exposure is damaging. 

How long did it take for the sessions?
A while. I devoted an entire morning. But I did treat my whole body. I guess the hesitation due to the little pinch you feel slows down the process. But most days I used topical lidocaine gel and it helped a lot. Lidocaine is available as a topical local anesthetic. It is available over the counter but the stronger formulas need a prescription. 

Can we see a picture?
Uh, sure. Let me show you a picture of my arm not shaven for month. Please note, I used to be very fuzzy. Try not to laugh yourself into a comma.

But now the real question: should you buy this?
 I'd say its a good investment to do if you're willing to take the time to use it.
It definately inclines me to try the rest of the lasers they offer. I know they have other products and if the quality measures up to this one, then I wouldn't doubt it for a second.