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Monday, March 17, 2014

How to: wear makeup over blemishes/acne

We've all been there. Whether you get one or two blemishes during that time of the month, or because your skin is just acne prone (even after those awkward puberty years), we've all have to face this spine tingling dilemma: how can I cover up my blemishes without breaking out more? Is this you? Well, I may have found the answer to all your problems.

Turn your attention to no other than the Smashbox Photofinish primer: Blemish Control. $42 available here.

After your face cleaning routine but before applying makeup, apply this evenly to your face. It has 2% salicylic acid for acne treatment which promises to help clear up your skin in 2 weeks and help keep it clear. This primer is also hydrating and the salicylic acid will, in addition to fight acne, make your pores smaller over time. Since it is a primer, it will provide a layer of protection for your skin against pore clogging makeup and environmental stressors. Yes, it does all of that plus helps your makeup stay all day and all night. What more could you ask? 

I gave this to my sister for Christmas and ever since then, it has helped clear her skin, control oil and keep her makeup on morning, noon and night! I liked her results so much that I bought a tube for myself so that I can use it when I get the occasional blemish and don't want to further clog my pores. While I don't use it as much, I do find it very convenient to have.

For makeup, I suggest going light. I know it might be tempting to slather on a full coverage foundation and layer concealer like it's going out of style but resist you must. Use more skin friendly products like cc creams which is like the upgraded versions of bb creams only lighter and with more skin caring ingredients. Smashbox CC cream can be a good alternative to your usual foundation. It evens out skin tone, provides light coverage and also helps lighten and brighten dark spots. Perfect for those acne scars. Another skin friendly product is Clinique's CC cream. We all know Clinique strives for hypoallergenic and non irritant products. Give your skin some TLC (tender love and care) and skip your heavy foundation and opt for this one. It offers good coverage and skin loving hydration. Both products offer SPF protection which is always a plus!!



For concealer, just apply under eyes if you really need it. Don't layer it on top of your blemish. It only makes it more obvious plus it can irritate it. Skip it altogether if you don't have dark circles (you lucky bastard you!). 

And then just apply some light finishing powder to set it all and prevent shine. You can use a powder blush too. I suggest using your favorite mineral powder and lightly dusting it over your face with a big fluffy powder brush. Mineral makeup is super skin friendly and anyone with acne prone or sensitive skin should stick to it routinely.

MAC 134 face brush. $53 I love mine! 

Tips and tricks for clearer skin:

1. Exfoliate your skin with a deep pore scrub using hot water. The heat will open up your pores allowing the scrub to cleanse more deeply and get rid of pore clogging debris and dead skin cells.

2. Follow with a gentle cream cleanser with cold water. Double cleansing ensures no residues are left on your face and the cold water will close up the pores.

3. Tone your face before bedtime. In the morning you'll be glad you did.

4. Use a face mask at once weekly. A deep pore cleansing mask is preffered. Like Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal mask to detoxify skin and brighten it.

5. Take off your makeup before bed! This one's self explanatory. Do I need to stress it further??? I think not.

Aaaand there you go. A few tips that I find that works for me. Now I will make the disclaimer that I don't have acne prone skin, so this may or may not work on you. I do get the occasional blemish during that time of the month, but it's usually one and goes away fast, so I attribute it to my routine. 

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