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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Smashbox bb cream review

I had the pleasure of receiving a deluxe sample of Smashbox's bb cream from Sephora.

Smashbox Camera Ready BB cream

Available at Sephora full size for $39.00

This is the description on Sephora's website:

What it is:
A five-in-one formula for achieving flawless skin on camera and beyond.

What it is formulated to do:
- Oil-controlling formulation with emollients and optical pearl pigments to provide hydration and visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles after only four weeks
- Features SPF 35 sun protection
- Comes in five shades

This multitasking tinted cream formula with SPF 35 moisturizes, primes, perfects, controls oil, and protects for flawless skin on set and beyond. Formulated with emollients and optical pearl pigments, this BB Cream gives skin a glowing, ethereal look and provides a hydrating veil for the complexion to maintain moisture on the surface of the skin.

What I say:

First, color match-wise I think it runs a shade darker. It's very noticeable once it oxidizes. (When liquid makeup oxidizes - when exposed to air- it usually turns darker). The shade I got was Light/Medium. Usually, those kinds of shades would suit me. But in this case, it only suits me when I'm tanned. Perhaps the next shade up will suit me (light) year round. This may be a problem for very fair skinned people.

There are 5 shades to choose from:

The finish is satiny matte. Very flattering and looks great on photos (hence the "camera ready" part of the name). It'd be great for those hot summer days when your skin is oilier than usual. Only, you have to be careful upon application. You can't apply too much because this bb cream is a bit on the heavy side. Other than that, I think normal, combination, and oily skin types can benefit from using this bb cream. I wouldn't recommend on dry skin as it may seep into fine lines and look very dry when in oxidizes. Make sure to moisturize beforehand if you plan on using it if you have dry skin.

This is a bb cream. So keep in mind it will in no way be as covering as a full foundation. However, amongst the bb creams I've tried, this one has very good coverage. And I mean very good! While I don't have a lot of blemishes, those that I did have were basically erased. And it looks very natural, as long as you don't go overboard with application. ;)

Lasting ability:
I'd say its long lasting. I didn't use any powder to set it and it lasted me for a solid 6+ hours. I only used blotting paper on my nose once, but that was it.The finish stayed true. Matte and all. One night, I used it over Smashbox's Photo Finish primer (original) and it stayed on allll night. Through drinking and dancing. But mostly drinking. :P

Travel size primer available at Sephora for $15.00

I think this is a great bb cream for all kinds of skin types. Which is really rare. While I reach more for my Bobbi Brown bb cream because none has matched me quite as well as hers, I'd be lying to you if I said it was better than Smashbox. I think that if I'd found a great color match I would use this one more. Especially since summer is basically upon us, and I have found that Bobbi Brown bb cream makes me oily sooner. I haven't used it recently because of this.

Anyway, check out this bb cream. Your camera, facebook and face will thank you for it.


  1. Hello, Ive recently been searching for a tinted moisturizer. I am not a fan of foundation I think it is too heavy for my skin and with the hot weather I feel like it melts off my face which I hate. Also, I dont need that much coverage. I tried a drugstore BB cream and did not like it at all it was extremely oily and seemed too much like foundation for me. So now I think the perfect option will be a tinted moisturizer. I just have a hard time finding one I cant seem to find them at drugstores which is mostly where I buy make up and most importantly I dont know which brands are good. I am willing to splurge on a product if it is worth it. So, do you recommend a tinted moisturizer that will give me some coverage and hydration without looking too heavy and oily??

    1. A tinted moisturizer sounds like its just what you need! I recommend for these hot summer months Jouer matte moisture tint. It has SPF, and like the name implies, the finish is a silky matte effect which looks natural and fresh! It's about $38.00 at Shipping is free, I believe. It has great coverage but its super light.


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