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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Moroccan Oil Hair Products!

So as I have blogged before, I have been hunting for hair products - mainly hair treatments - ever since my favorite hair treatment mask from Fekkai had been discontinued. I did a post on some products that I found that were helpful, but that can not compare with the products I just tried out fairly recently.

And these products are... (drumroll)

                                                       MoroccanOil hair products!!!

Now I had heard of this brand before, but I didn't pay any attention to it since I had my trusty Fekkai hair mask to keep me company. But since oils these days are all the rage in beauty, I decided I needed to find out more. (Including oils for the face and body, but that's a post for another day) ANYWHO, I tried out this line at a salon since I didn't want to buy the whole product/s without knowing if I actually liked it.

Well I did. A lot. Mainly the hair treatment mask and the treatment oil. The shampoo and conditioner I can live without and I think anyone can. Just stick to good ol' drugstore shampoos and conditioners, ladies. Your wallets will thank you. Not to mention it is unnecessary as long as you have a good weekly deep conditioning treatment/mask to keep your hair's health in check. But this is a total personal choice. If you feel you need it and don't mind spending the extra cash, then by all means go ahead.

The products I fell in love with and purchased are:
Treatment Oil and weekly repairing mask

These two are the ones I'm loving and so is my hair. I'm soooo glad I found these. What I do is that I take 1 tbsp of the mask and mix it with a few drops of the oil. I leave it on my hair for 10 minutes and then wash it off. I follow it with my favorite conditioner to seal in the treatment. My hair has never been so shinny and strong! Even my sister noticed a great change in my hair, and she sees me everyday. I have no frizz when my hair air dries so I don't have to use heat tools if I don't want to. Oh, by the way, I use this once a week only. The instructions say that once hair is healthy, you can use it less frequently.  ^_^

So do I recommend this? Hell yeah. It's pricey and a little hard to come by, but totally worth it in my opinion.

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