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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tria laser 4x

Backstoryyyyy!!! Ok, as a a latino woman, I have always liked being hair free from top to bottom. Modern society associates being hair free with beauty. Personally, to be waxed, shaved and primed is more hygienic. My dilemma lies in that my hair is naturally black while my skin is light which means that its more noticeable. Luckily, I am the perfect candidate for laser hair depilation.

So, I started professional laser depilation sessions when I was 17 or 18. For the sake of privacy, lets just say I had it done all over my body. It hurts for 3 seconds and skin may be irritated for a couple of hours. Then after a couple of days the hair that was treated will fall off. After 8-9 sessions each one was once every 6 weeks, I was almost hair free.

Almost because the technician must have missed a few patches and those still grow. The sessions can be expensive. They range from $150-$200 a session. So multiply that times 7-9 sessions and it can add up! Not to mention the time you have to spend going to the office and waiting and blah blah.

As a grad student, it is very inconvenient to get laser sessions especially when you want an all over body hair removal. It takes a lot of money and you have to spend a good chunk of time at the office, time that could be used studying or you know... Sleeping. 😅 Hey, sleeping is a luxury in pharmacy school. Don't judge me! 😝 Sooooo, it is because of this (convenience and cost effectiveness) that I decided to try Tria laser 4x at home hair removal FDA cleared.

The Tria laser costs $450 and is available at You can also get a calming gel because the laser can be painful. The pain goes away in like 3 seconds but still, it can be uncomfortable when you feel it. As a laser veteran, I can definitely say it feels like the professional lasers. It hurts the same. Lol. But you can control the intensity of the laser to suit your comfort level, though the higher the level, the more effective (or quicker) the treatment.

Me opening my Tria Laser
Let me tell you what happens when you get laser treatments.

First, you shave the area to be treated. No waxing, no chemical removal. SHAVE! If you are using the tria, you have to put the sensor on top of the skin that will be treated to unlock the device. Tria wont work on really dark skin.

Then, a cooling gel will be applied in the area to be treated and the laser tech will use the laser on your skin on top of the gel as if he/she is massaging you. Only you'll feel a sort of hot rubber band snapping on your skin. It might get red and irritated but it goes away within 15 min. The laser makes a beeping sound when its targeting your hair follicle. The Tria laser makes 2 beeping sounds and glows red.

After that, you apply spf or nothing at all. You can't get sun exposure on skin that is being treated for risk of burning and hyperpigmentation. This appies for both professional and tria.

FYI, you can use a topical anesthetic if the pain is too uncomfy for ya. There are many OTC products a available. Ask your local pharmacist. Lol!

Anyway, I will do an update post after 3 months of treatment to tell you if it's worth it. Tria guarantees to see permanent results within 3 months, so wish me luck! I'm happy with it right now. I did one treatment session to my legs and bikini area and so far a week has passed and there is no sign of new growth.

But I know it will grow, only finer and finer until there is nothing there. That's how it works, professional or at home. Hair falls off after treatment, until there is no more hair growing. The follicle gets deactivated and voila! Hello freedom!

From the top. The displays shows battery life

The Calming Gel for a more comfy session

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hair crisis!! My search and discovery of a new hair care routine

Last month I posted "my hair must haves". While I still believe Aveeno's shampoo and conditioner is very, very good, I made a pleasant discovery this past week. But before I go on talking about my new hair routine, I'm going to tell you how I came upon it.

    See, one of my friends in pharmacy school told me that she had looked up Fekkai's protein RX hair treatment mask but couldn't find it anywhere for purchase. (You know who you are! ^_^) Since I usually have a few in stock in my bathroom I paid no attention and simply dismissed what she said as just not having luck spotting it. But alas, my precious stock ran out and it was time to repurchase. Now this is where the crisis began. As I searched my trusty websites I made the gruesome discovery that my all time favorite hair mask had been discontinued. My first reaction? Yelling: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! T_T

    I'll admit now, I shed a few tears but I couldn't mourn for much longer. I needed a new hair treatment and I needed it pronto. My hair is very fine and straight and I like to use treatments to help it stay strong or else it'll break off. So I realized I needed a shampoo and conditioner that would be extra moisturizing or at least more moisturizing than the Aveeno ones I have. See, Aveeno delivers a good balance of cleansing and moisturizing without residue, BUT I always had an extra oomph and that was my Fekkai mask. Realizing this I immediately thought that I needed a new shampoo and conditioner as well as a new hair mask. After countless hours searching and searching (I take beauty routines very seriously ladies) I managed to gain enough intrigue in a couple of products.

This is where it gets good!!

For my shampoo and conditioner I discovered the brand Organix. More specifically, Organix Keratin oil shampoo and conditioner. They sell it everywhere. Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, etc for around $7-8. I only purchased the Shampoo and conditioner from this set. And there are several sets depending on your hair needs.

I have to say that I am in love with this and I am planning to complete the set ASAP. First, the smell is just wonderful. I don't know how to describe it, but I'd say it has a coconuty scent to it. It's truly delightful. The product itself delivers great moisture and hair feels very soft after rinsing it out. I do recommend however, to use a clarifying shampoo beforehand if you have a lot of residue on your hair or an oily scalp as this may not fully cleanse the scalp and may lead to greasy hair fast. But I love it. It doesn't weigh my hair down (I do use a scalp cleanser before because I like tingly sensations on my head lol. Neutrogena shampoos work great ) and I get the hydration I crave. I totally recommend checking this line of shampoos. I know I'm going to try more.

Link for more info: 

Now for the hair mask.
I tried the CHI Nourish Intense Fine Silk Hair Masque. It is described as a treatment that "delivers deep, intensive nourishment to fine, thin hair without weighing it down". Since the description basically matched everything I was looking for plus it was just $24.50 in, I had to try it. So I did.

Oh boy, I'm glad I do my research before purchasing. I really LOVED it!!! It is super perfect. My hair felt so so soft and looked so shiny afterwards I couldn't believe it. I know CHI makes great products, but God, super hydration and zero heaviness?? Just what my fine hair needed.

Now I know it's too soon to call this my new holy grail hair product (RIP Fekkai) but I think it can achieve sainthood if it continues to deliver. There are so many options out there, it can be very overwhelming, but if I try something and I love it, I will stick to it for a while. There may be something better out there, but when it comes to my hair, I don't like to gamble. (If it ain't broke, don't fix it) I will keep my eye out for something new as I always do, but right now, I'm sticking to this routine.

And no, I will not abandon my Aveeno duo. They will be perfect for when I don't need so much moisturizing as the CHI hair masque will suffice if I feel I need extra help. ^_^

BTW, when I was searching for a replacement for my Fekkai mask, I discovered a new mask from Fekkai with very similar labeling from the old one. Only that one had a new packaging and heftier price tag. Don't be fooled, my research led me to believe it is nowhere near as good as the old one. So not worth $50.

The new impostor!
Well, there it is. My hair crisis and how it is at peace. Let me know how it works for you. Good luck!!