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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mai couture highlighter "papier"

So while I was reading blogs and youtubing beauty gurus, I came across a new makeup gimmick. I really love highlighters, my favorite being Dior's amber diamond highlighter, so my interest was peaked when I saw a highlighter in the form of papers from up and coming new makeup line called Mai Couture.

They look like blotting papers only one side of the paper is packed with the powder. The highlighter shade is called St. Barts and its a peachy bronzy color that is universally flattering. Since it is a highlighter, it has shimmering particles that catch light and reflect it. It's very gorgeous, and if you apply it in enough layers, it can double as a highlighting blush as well. Honestly, I see it as the latter because to me, it seems a little wasteful to dab just a little of it for highlighting purposes and then throwing it away. The shade is just too pretty to not use it to its full extent. And if you're really resourceful, you can also use whatever is left as eyeshadow. It looks totally beautiful and gives a healthy glow to your lids.

The Packaging!

I don't know about you guys, but one big factor that makes me buy something is the packaging. If it's cute, unique and/or pink, I'm sure to buy it. I have problems, I know. Anywho Mai Couture's packaging looks like a mini book. The "pages" are the highlighting paper which you can easily rip off one by one to apply. The full size product comes with 50 papers. You'll only need one for your entire face. Trust me. If you use too much you'll end up looking like a burnt disco ball. By the way, the sample came with 25 sheets. The full size comes with 50 sheets.
Full Size product with optional travel case.


Now you're asking, how the hell am I supposed to apply paper on my face, Sally? How?! Easy, just pat the paper on the areas you want to have the color and voila! It's not hard at all. Literally, just pat until satisfied. Just remember to pat upwards, not downwards. You want to lift your features, not drag them down.

Mai Couture also has other makeup papers or "papier" in french or something. lol. They also have foundation, blushes, bronzers and probably more! (The bronzer doubles as a blotting paper. Cool right?!) All in paper form. Neat huh? I tried one of their blushes in the shade "prettyful". Mai Couture company was kind enough to send me samples for free so that I could try it! (The highlighter I have also was a sample. Complimentary ^_^)Very gorgeous shade of pink! I always stayed away from really pink blushes because they looked weird against my skin. But not this one. I don't know why, but it makes my cheeks look so delicate. I am considering buying it full size once my I run out of blushes. But who am I kidding? I'll probably buy it by the time you finish reading this sentence.  Haha!
Foundation papers
Blush papers

Full size blushes and bronzers/blotting papers in travel case
You can get the highlighting "papier" in St Barts for $28.00 at The blush "papiers" retail at $17.50.

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