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Friday, February 22, 2013

Give me some lip ;)

Give me some lip... if you know what I mean.

LOL. This is the name of a Sephora favorites gift set I got as a Christmas present last December. I don't think it's available right now. It was a holiday edition set. The awesome thing about gift sets is that you get to try new products that otherwise you wouldn't have tried and could end up loving it! That happened to me with this set. It surprised me that the Sephora brand lipgloss had such great staying power. It was awesome! I also wanted to try for a while Tarte's lip stains. O.M.G. But I'll talk about those later on...

Thanks to my friend Patricia ^_^ I love it.

 Anywho, I decided to make a post about it because this kit contains my all time favorite lip balm: Fresh SUGAR Rosé lip treatment travel edition.

  The thing about this lip balm is how good it feels to put it on. It feels super mega soft and luxurious on my lips. I can't get enough of it. It has a sheer red tint that provides some healthy color to your lips without being overwhelming. Outside of the gift set, it retails at about $22.50 at Sephora.

I know, over $20 bucks for some lip balm?!? While I don't think it will be everyone's cup of tea, I am super delighted with it. It just feels so soft!!! I would purchase, and repurchase, and repurchase again. It's just that good!

Sephora Birthday gift for 2012
I initially discovered this gem last year at around my birthday month. I had made a purchase at sephora and got this lip balm as the birthday gift given to Sephora beauty insiders. ;) It came with the original lip balm both in travel sizes. I was truly pleased with the gift last year. It was a nice surprise. The original lip balm was great as well. It had a lemony scent to it and was completely clear. No tint whatsoever.

As promised, the discoveries I made with this kit!

(From right to left)

Tarte's lip surgence lip tint. As I said, I've been meaning to try this but wasn't sure if I should spend the cash in case I didn't love it. I sometimes get dry lips and lip stains have a reputation of being drying. But not this one! Oddly enough, I found it that it sort of heals me. I love the color too, called "Hope". This lip stain has a deep mauve color payoff. I love this because it has a minty tingly sensation on the lips when you apply it. So fresh! I loved that the kit had it full size. I get to enjoy it more! It gives my lips that my-lips-but-better color because the tint makes it look like it comes from within. Super natural and super pretty!

Hourglass lipgloss. I didn't think a lipgloss would have such pigmentation. This is a perfect nude lipgloss. Goes great with smokey eyes or a smudged eyeliner. Good lasting power but not great. The shade is called "Child".

Laura mercier. O.M.G. I really love this lipgloss. It has a pinkish coral color with gold specks (called "Baby Doll") that complements my skin tone so well. Even when I'm pale as a ghost or summer tanned. Great staying power. Doesn't taste chemically and better yet, not sticky. I hate sticky lipglosses.

Bite Beauty lip gloss. I like the color of this one, though I won't be using it for spring or summer. It's more of a fall/winter kind of color. Makes me look more mature, grown up. It looks very sexy paired with a winged eyeliner and big lashes. I can't judge its staying power because I haven't used this one on it own. I used it on top of my M.A.C. lip pencil that has a similar shade. Together, they lasted through holiday dinners.

Sephora Glossy gloss in "Precious pink" is super girly! It's pink but has a peachyness to it that looks good on olive undertones. Lasts for a very very long time and literally looks like you put liquid mirror on your lips. With sparkly goodness of course. ;) Super impressed with it and you could never go wrong with just swiping it on and leave. Great lipgloss for both day and night.

And there you go! My review of this gift set. In my honest opinion, I'd probably repurchase (aside from the Fresh Sugar lip balm) Tarte's lip tint as soon as I run out. I love the tingly sensation it gives. LOL. But I'd definately know where to turn to for lipgloss needs in case of a beauty emergency and its all thanks to this kit!! And my friend who gave it to me, of course. :P

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