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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mai couture highlighter "papier"

So while I was reading blogs and youtubing beauty gurus, I came across a new makeup gimmick. I really love highlighters, my favorite being Dior's amber diamond highlighter, so my interest was peaked when I saw a highlighter in the form of papers from up and coming new makeup line called Mai Couture.

They look like blotting papers only one side of the paper is packed with the powder. The highlighter shade is called St. Barts and its a peachy bronzy color that is universally flattering. Since it is a highlighter, it has shimmering particles that catch light and reflect it. It's very gorgeous, and if you apply it in enough layers, it can double as a highlighting blush as well. Honestly, I see it as the latter because to me, it seems a little wasteful to dab just a little of it for highlighting purposes and then throwing it away. The shade is just too pretty to not use it to its full extent. And if you're really resourceful, you can also use whatever is left as eyeshadow. It looks totally beautiful and gives a healthy glow to your lids.

The Packaging!

I don't know about you guys, but one big factor that makes me buy something is the packaging. If it's cute, unique and/or pink, I'm sure to buy it. I have problems, I know. Anywho Mai Couture's packaging looks like a mini book. The "pages" are the highlighting paper which you can easily rip off one by one to apply. The full size product comes with 50 papers. You'll only need one for your entire face. Trust me. If you use too much you'll end up looking like a burnt disco ball. By the way, the sample came with 25 sheets. The full size comes with 50 sheets.
Full Size product with optional travel case.


Now you're asking, how the hell am I supposed to apply paper on my face, Sally? How?! Easy, just pat the paper on the areas you want to have the color and voila! It's not hard at all. Literally, just pat until satisfied. Just remember to pat upwards, not downwards. You want to lift your features, not drag them down.

Mai Couture also has other makeup papers or "papier" in french or something. lol. They also have foundation, blushes, bronzers and probably more! (The bronzer doubles as a blotting paper. Cool right?!) All in paper form. Neat huh? I tried one of their blushes in the shade "prettyful". Mai Couture company was kind enough to send me samples for free so that I could try it! (The highlighter I have also was a sample. Complimentary ^_^)Very gorgeous shade of pink! I always stayed away from really pink blushes because they looked weird against my skin. But not this one. I don't know why, but it makes my cheeks look so delicate. I am considering buying it full size once my I run out of blushes. But who am I kidding? I'll probably buy it by the time you finish reading this sentence.  Haha!
Foundation papers
Blush papers

Full size blushes and bronzers/blotting papers in travel case
You can get the highlighting "papier" in St Barts for $28.00 at The blush "papiers" retail at $17.50.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Give me some lip ;)

Give me some lip... if you know what I mean.

LOL. This is the name of a Sephora favorites gift set I got as a Christmas present last December. I don't think it's available right now. It was a holiday edition set. The awesome thing about gift sets is that you get to try new products that otherwise you wouldn't have tried and could end up loving it! That happened to me with this set. It surprised me that the Sephora brand lipgloss had such great staying power. It was awesome! I also wanted to try for a while Tarte's lip stains. O.M.G. But I'll talk about those later on...

Thanks to my friend Patricia ^_^ I love it.

 Anywho, I decided to make a post about it because this kit contains my all time favorite lip balm: Fresh SUGAR Rosé lip treatment travel edition.

  The thing about this lip balm is how good it feels to put it on. It feels super mega soft and luxurious on my lips. I can't get enough of it. It has a sheer red tint that provides some healthy color to your lips without being overwhelming. Outside of the gift set, it retails at about $22.50 at Sephora.

I know, over $20 bucks for some lip balm?!? While I don't think it will be everyone's cup of tea, I am super delighted with it. It just feels so soft!!! I would purchase, and repurchase, and repurchase again. It's just that good!

Sephora Birthday gift for 2012
I initially discovered this gem last year at around my birthday month. I had made a purchase at sephora and got this lip balm as the birthday gift given to Sephora beauty insiders. ;) It came with the original lip balm both in travel sizes. I was truly pleased with the gift last year. It was a nice surprise. The original lip balm was great as well. It had a lemony scent to it and was completely clear. No tint whatsoever.

As promised, the discoveries I made with this kit!

(From right to left)

Tarte's lip surgence lip tint. As I said, I've been meaning to try this but wasn't sure if I should spend the cash in case I didn't love it. I sometimes get dry lips and lip stains have a reputation of being drying. But not this one! Oddly enough, I found it that it sort of heals me. I love the color too, called "Hope". This lip stain has a deep mauve color payoff. I love this because it has a minty tingly sensation on the lips when you apply it. So fresh! I loved that the kit had it full size. I get to enjoy it more! It gives my lips that my-lips-but-better color because the tint makes it look like it comes from within. Super natural and super pretty!

Hourglass lipgloss. I didn't think a lipgloss would have such pigmentation. This is a perfect nude lipgloss. Goes great with smokey eyes or a smudged eyeliner. Good lasting power but not great. The shade is called "Child".

Laura mercier. O.M.G. I really love this lipgloss. It has a pinkish coral color with gold specks (called "Baby Doll") that complements my skin tone so well. Even when I'm pale as a ghost or summer tanned. Great staying power. Doesn't taste chemically and better yet, not sticky. I hate sticky lipglosses.

Bite Beauty lip gloss. I like the color of this one, though I won't be using it for spring or summer. It's more of a fall/winter kind of color. Makes me look more mature, grown up. It looks very sexy paired with a winged eyeliner and big lashes. I can't judge its staying power because I haven't used this one on it own. I used it on top of my M.A.C. lip pencil that has a similar shade. Together, they lasted through holiday dinners.

Sephora Glossy gloss in "Precious pink" is super girly! It's pink but has a peachyness to it that looks good on olive undertones. Lasts for a very very long time and literally looks like you put liquid mirror on your lips. With sparkly goodness of course. ;) Super impressed with it and you could never go wrong with just swiping it on and leave. Great lipgloss for both day and night.

And there you go! My review of this gift set. In my honest opinion, I'd probably repurchase (aside from the Fresh Sugar lip balm) Tarte's lip tint as soon as I run out. I love the tingly sensation it gives. LOL. But I'd definately know where to turn to for lipgloss needs in case of a beauty emergency and its all thanks to this kit!! And my friend who gave it to me, of course. :P

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Concealers Concealers Concealers

I confess. I need concealer. If there is something I can't leave home without, it's my concealer. I have dark circles (hereditary and lack of sleep due to pharmacy school sucking the life out of me) under my eyes. Some days they aren't so bad. Some of my friends say I exaggerate. But other days... well, I need all the help I can get.

I have tried a lot of concealers. Highlighting concealers, opaque, creamy, drug store, high end. You name it. I have searched far and wide for a good concealer that is both long lasting and has good coverage without caking up. I don't like to reapply or touch up when I go out. I like to apply my makeup at home and then not have to think about whether or not there is still some makeup in my face. I simply don't like it. It's a hassle, it takes up space in my bag and its not hygienic to keep applying more layers after being exposed to toxins in the environment. So I don't, and sometimes that meant that by the end of day, I had nothing on my face which wasn't so bad except that my dark circles got noticeable.  The only thing I can manage worrying about is lipstick/lipbalm/lipgloss/lipwhatever. And blotting papers.  I believe I have done a good job finding them. But I also think bobbi brown's bb cream may have added to the staying power of these products.

In any case, I no longer have to worry about my dark circles showing up or makeup leaving my face. The combo of BB cream + any of these concealers have made their way to a permanent stay in my makeup arsenal.

But before I start, there is one thing that changed my life completely. I use it after eye moisturizer and primer, but before an actual concealer. It's called a corrector. And I use Bobbi Brown's corrector in light to medium bisque. This helps cancel out the darkness of my under eye circles. $23.00 at Sephora.

Now before you say anything, NO, a corrector and a concealer are NOT the same! Got it? Good! :P
A corrector is used to (redundantly) "correct" discolorations on the skin. You apply it directly on the area of discoloration. Nowhere else. Why? Because correctors aren't available in skin like shades. They are usually pink/salmon-ish or peach/yellow. No one, here me out, no one in the universe is pink or yellow. So applying this solo is going to look a bit off. Depending on your skin's discolorations, your corrector shade will vary. With concealers -which are available in human skin tones- you can expand the application area further away from dark circles or blemishes to blend, highlight or contour.

After you cancel out the discoloration, when you apply a concealer it will look more like your own skin because you can apply less and still look refreshed and rested. You'll only need a little bit if both. So you won't look like a raccoon or...* GASP!* a reverse raccoon. (You know who they are, the ones who use a concealer that is just too light for their skin without blending it out. Yeah. Stop that. It's not flattering.)

Here are my top three concealers to use in no particular order:

M.A.C. Studio finish concealer SPF 35 (I use shade: NC35) $18.00 MAC cosmetics.

This concealer is perfect for everyday. It's opaque, discreet, generous, affordable and has SPF. You can apply it with fingers or a brush (I prefer to use a concealer brush). There is a big shade variety for this one, so I'm sure you'll find the perfect one. It's perfect for a natural look (ie not highlighting or contouring effect).

However, the lasting power is not great. Personally, I use it to go to college and back (4-6 hours). But If I know I'm going to be out for long time, I don't use it because it just fades away.

Bobbi Brown's Creamy concealer kit $33.00 at Sephora. (shown here with the corrector) I use shade: Sand.

This concealer comes with a light yellow-ish powder to set the concealer. The shade I use from this brand is lighter that my MAC concealer, so when I use this concealer I make sure to blend it out. The shade is just a tad lighter than my skin tone, so it beautifully highlights and makes me look glowy and radiant. I just make sure to blend, blend blend. This concealer is longer lasting but also thick in consistency. It can NOT be applied with fingers. You'll definitely need a concealer brush for this one. You'll also need a small powder brush or sponge to apply the powder. Just a light sweep will do or else it'll cake up and settle into lines.

Cle de Peau Beaute Concealer stick. $70.00 at Nordstrom. I use shade: Ochre

By far the most expensive concealer I've bought and probably one of the most expensive out there. Being the high end b*tch that I can be at times (and struggling with dark circles), I have heard rave and reviews about this concealer. Kim Kardashian loves it, Megan Fox doesn't make an appearance without it and Amanda Seyfried is the new face for this high price make up line. I. Had. To. Have. It.

I'm glad I splurged on this concealer. I can use it with or without corrector or moisturizer. On its own makes me look young, fresh, well rested and just well... awesome. You can apply it directly to your face, use fingers or a brush. I prefer brush on this one as well because I use less product and still get perfect coverage. Lasts and lasts and lasts. HOWEVER, you can not apply anything over it. The formula which is a little thick, dries to sort of a powdery finish. If one tries to set it with powder, one will end up a wrinkly blob. Trust me. And I don't even have wrinkles.

As you may have guessed, I don't use this one for everyday. Too expensive in my book to waste it away for college or whatever. Another limitation for this concealer is the shade range. Last time I checked, there were only 3- 4 shades available and they are all pretty much light toned.

And there you go. My top concealers. Love them all. Can't live without them. I'd probably suffer a stroke if I don't have them in my arsenal because I'm just that silly. ^_^ What can't you live without??

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Clinique Chubby sticks!!

There's something about the word "chubby" that sounds so cute. So when I saw an ad in TV for Clinique's chubby sticks last year, I couldn't wait to get my hands on one. Or a few. ;)

These are like lip balms but they have a really nice color pay out. They look like a chubby crayon for your lips!! Aren't they adorable? I'm a sucker for gimmicks like these. ^_^ Anywho, the way you use them is you twist the bottom of the stick for the lip balm to come out. The original bunch were sheer in color. Which I loved because it provides a nice sheer wash of color perfect for work, school or just everyday. It's really toned down but you could always just apply a few more coats if you want the color to show up more. Here are the shades of the sheerer bunch:

There are also a new version available called the Chubby Sticks Intense. As you may guess from the name, they are more pigmented, thus truer to the color on the stick. Here are the available shades from the intense line:

I am a proud owner of Whoppin Watermelon, Two Ton Tomato, Curviest Caramel, Mighty Mimosa, and 2 Mega Melon travel size. :) Each chubby stick retails at about $16.00. You can get them anywhere Clinique items are sold.

I will post swatches of them on my lips soon!! ;)

Whoppin' watermelon on my lips.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My hair must haves!!

I've been asked a few times what do I use for my hair that is so long and pretty healthy.  Well, other than trimming the ends every 3-4 months (I also have a pet peeve for split ends. They drive me insane. INSANE I TELL YOU!!) , I use a few products and tools to keep it from looking like a broom.

First off, my hair is bone straight. I can't make gorgeous waves or curls even if my life depended on it. The longer it gets, the harder it is to hold a curl. And my hair reaches my bellybutton these days. So my hunt for a tool or product that may help with this is still going on. (Any tips??) Your hair may be totally different from mine, so maybe these products won't work the same way.

However, for my everyday hair I found that using Aveeno's nourish plus moisturize shampoo and conditioners to work best for me. And I've tried more expensive brands ($50.00+ shampoos and conditioners) but these worked better in my opinion. It moisturizes without feeling too heavy or greasy and leaves hair clean and soft!

At around $7-$8 in drugstores, I couldn't get a better deal. Also, I find kind of wasteful to spend too much money on something that is going to go down the drain anyway. So this is perfect for me.

Aveeno shampoos have more lines like +shine, +volumize, and +repair. Check 'em out to see which one works best for you.

Now every week or every 2 weeks, I use a hair mask. My holy grail of a hair mask is Fekkai's Protein RX reparative treatment mask. Holy Jesus, I love this. I will always have a jar of this. It retails at around $25-$30 at nordstorm for a 11oz jar. After washing my hair I use this mask for 5-10 min and then wash it out. And Voila!! Soft, shiny hair!! I've been using this for the past 4 years or so. 'Tis my secret weapon. ;) 

And now for the actual styling of my hair. I use Sedu Revolution Tourmaline Ionic flat iron 1 inch. I wait for my hair to air dry and then use this flat iron. It helps tame the fly aways and helps keep my hair from tangling. This flat iron was the best purchase I ever made. It has never ever ever burned my hair, like ever (unlike the CHI flat iron). It's a little costly, retailing at about $160-$200 at, but totally worth it in my honest opinion. It's tricky to use at first because one gets so use at ceramic flat irons, but once you get the hang of it, its's a breeze to use. I also like that it has a heat setting (also unlike the CHI flat iron 1inch) so you can adjust according to your hair needs. 

I have the pink one! So cute! Folica also gives you a fire resistant pad of sorts so while you are using it, you can place there. Once again, I love this thing. I've had it for about 2 years. No problems with it whatsoever!! And if it breaks or something, I will totally repurchase it in a heart beat.

So there you go! My hair must haves! If you have any hair must haves (or tips on how I can curl my hair) please comment! :)

Here is a pic of my hair at the end of doing this routine

My Holy Grail Face Product! Bobbi Brown BB cream!

 So there are a lot of bb creams out there to choose from. From drugstore brands to more high end makeup, the possibilities are both endless and overwhelming. I haven't tried drugstore brand bb creams, so I can't tell how it compares to my favorite face product right now, but sweet baby Jesus! I looooove Bobbi Brown's bb cream!

Now if you don't know what a BB cream is, it stands for Beauty Balm. It is designed to be a all in one product, all in one meaning moisturizer, primer, spf, and "foundation". Now I say "foundation" because it's not heavily pigmented. It's more pigmented than a tinted moisturizer, but not as heavy as a true foundation is. However, some bb creams are very buildable. And Bobbi brown's bb cream is no exception.

Here is a photo of it. It's just the right color, consistency, formulation, everything!! It also has some mattifying (is than even a word??)  properties so powder is optional. My nose it a little oily so I do powder it but not heavily.

This can even out your face while still looking natural. I recommend this if you don't have much blemishes or spots on your face but still want to look fresh and natural.  I don't think this will work well if you have very noticeable blemishes or on very oily skin.  Also, the shades available are limited. I am a MAC nc 35 or nc 30. On their powder foundation I'm a C4. For this bb cream, I use the shade medium, but I could easily get away with using light as well.

( Note: I have a pet peeve about women not wearing any beauty products at all when going out. Take some pride ladies! Even if your skin is clear and well taken care of, the best part of being a girl is being able to use all of this junk!! The key is taking good care of your skin so you'll use less time and makeup hiding your flaws and more on bringing out your best features! ^_^ I've received compliments on my skin about how clear it is and stuff, but I still like to wear some makeup. It's the highlight of my long days at pharmacy school.  )

And now, a not so high definition pic of me wearing the bb cream. I don't have powder on the rest of my face. Just on my nose. See how natural it looks? No cakey old lady makeup face here!
This bb cream costs around $42.00 at Sephora. I loove it!